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Washington State Auditor's Office Financial Statements and Federal Single Audit Report for the Port of Chehalis, Audit Period January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2010.  Report No. 1007170

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2010 News

Click Here Port of Chehalis Joins Battle on Maps, By Marqise Allen, The Chronicle.

Click Here Curtis Industrial Park's Proposed rezoning delayed for this year, by Buddy Rose, Business to Business. Meeting from February 11, 2010.

Click Here Thousands Celebrated Opening of Goodyear Plant in 1957, Today in History: From the Files of The Chronicle, Published August 15, 2007.

Click Here The end of the ride? Scrapping of the rail line would mean the end of the steam train rides from Chehalis to Ruth. By Larissa Pfeifer, The Chronicle, published Aug. 10, 1996.