Business Incentives

Your Business Gets a Boost in Chehalis!

There are multiple advantages to setting up shop at the Port of Chehalis. In addition our prime location halfway between Portland and Seattle along the West Coast’s only interstate corridor, our Washington setting means we can offer numerous tax incentives to business enterprises.

Fast Track Permitting

Business Friendly Environment


Job Skills Training through Centralia College

Competitive Pricing

Available Workforce

Washington State Tax Facts

No Corporate Sales Tax

No Inventory Tax

No tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains

No Personal Income Tax

No unitary Tax

Washington State Tax Incentive Programs

The state of Washington offers a range of tax incentive programs. A brief list is below. Download the Tax Incentives Overview (.pdf) for more complete information.

Rural County B & O Tax Credit

Rural County B & O Tax Credit. A $2,000 or $4,000 credit against the B &O tax is available for each new employment position created by a qualifying manufacturer.


Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Machinery and Equipment

For qualifying manufacturers, processors for hire and manufacturers who perform research and development are not required to pay the sales or use tax on machinery and equipment used directly in the manufacturing or research and development process. Charges for labor and services for installing machinery and equipment are also not subject to the sales or use tax. Major distribution centers, over 200,000 s.f. also qualify for sales and use exemptions. You can find more information here for the Manufacturers’ Sales/Use Tax Exemption 


.09 Grant Fund

Funding is available for qualifying public facilities improvements. This is a special program directed by Lewis County.  Lewis County can provide public infrastructure improvements through this fund.



An excellent state program to provide loan and grant funding for public improvements needed to serve industry.


Education & Training Grants

Both federal and state programs are available to help in recruitment and training of new workers.


High Technology Sales/Use Tax Deferral

High Technology Sales/Use Tax Deferral. Businesses in the following research and development technology categories may be eligible for a sales/use tax deferral: Advanced computing, Advanced materials, Biotechnology, Electronic device technology, and Environmental technology. This tax deferral is for 7 years.

Revenue Bonds

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRB’s) are tax-exempt debt obligations issued by public corporations to support manufacturing, processing, and utility type economic development projects. As the issuing agency for these bonds, the Port or Chehalis Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) welcomes your interest in IDRB financing.